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April 20, 2013 / AnnieBellsCan

How do you change? You start.

How do you change? You start.

This was possibly the most inspiring moment of my life. It only happened 48 hours ago. But very shortly before this photo was captured I think everything changed.
It was meeting these amazingly kind and influential men that gave me an odd feeling in my stomach. Like a small fire was lit. That fire has been whispering to me ever since… Trying to persuade me to just DO something.
I have accepted that I will never be ‘famous’ that I will never inspire millions of people like they do, But I think I would be happy to make a difference in just one persons life. I can’t do that the way I have been living lately. I’ve gone so far inside myself that I have no room to grow or change within. That sounds incredibly lame, but if you knew me you would understand. I’m just a shell of the person I could be. An outline of a future human being.

Meeting Hamish and Andy has woken something up inside me, it lit that little flame and now that little flicker wants to consume the world. And I have to start somewhere. That is here. My very first post on my new blog that isn’t about complaining, but rather about the silver linings. It will be my journey, My diary and hopefully the beginning of something very new.

I hope that in some way maybe you will become inspired too. Trust me, If I can feel like this you can too.


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