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April 20, 2013 / AnnieBellsCan

what is the poooint?

I can’t explain exactly why I wanted to start a new blog, one full of my own writing and thoughts but I do.
I’m not entirely sure what my theme is. I’m sure it will revolve around me because I’m the one writing it.
I want to learn new things, and I want a place to record what I learn so I think this blog is more for my benefit than yours. Though I’d happily try and entertain you in any way possible. It’s not that I don’t want readers, I just don’t think I believe anyone would actually care what I write about. So maybe I’m writing to ‘you’ merely to give myself some form of direction. Still, at least one person reading it would be nice I suppose. But I don’t know why. Feelings are odd complex things aren’t they.
Earlier I wrote about how Hamish and Andy made me feel inspired, but I’ve over thought everything and confused myself now.
I just want to place a bunch of words together on a screen and have it mean something to someone. THAT IS MY GOAL. That is my point.
Hopefully I can remember that.

In the mean time I’m going to just talk to you like I would a close friend.


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