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July 25, 2013 / AnnieBellsCan

From here on out.

I originally started this blog trying to work out how to get back to who I used to be.
I didn’t stick with it. It was a stupid idea. I should be focusing on moving forward.
So that’s what I’m doing from now one. HERE WE GOOOOOO!!! 🙂 

I am going to stick to this diet until I get to 63 kgs. It’s going to take me five months I estimate. 
I am going to try to exercise. It’s hard for me. Because I smoke and I’m depressed. But I’m going to try to do it. I’m not sure how yet. I feel like that’s not something I need to do asap, but when I’m comfortable in a routine with this diet and uni and maybe (hopefully) work. Then I’ll add it in.
Every few days I will do an update on how the diet is working. I’m a bit insecure so I’ll just say ‘lost * kgs’ … ‘lost * cms off boobs’ … and so on, rather than focus on numbers. 
To do this diet I’ve given up all junk food. Fruit. Bread. and for the next week while I’m in the first leg of it, veggies. I do 7-10 days of attack. which means nothing but protein. ew. 
I have to drink 1.5 litres of water a day. fun fun. 

Because of the depression I have trouble getting out of bed a lot. Or sleeping. 
I am taking it a week at a time. Next week I will make it to ALL of my lectures and tutes. 
Just for next week. OK COOL. 
I will sit down and work out some sort of organisational time table so that I don’t fall behind in things. Having a job is going to make this difficult. I’m aware of that, I am going to struggle to keep up with classes, or keep track of what has to happen next. 
But I am going to do my best. and I’m going to work it out. 
I will ask for help if I need to. 

Part of uni is getting to uni. which means money. which I have none of. 
Hopefully having a job will help with this. But until then (i’m not putting any eggs in any baskets until I’ve already been working or a week) I am going to spend responisibly, and try to get ahead of bills and debt. 

My appearance. 
I suppose dieting is all about my appearance but I want to mention that I’m going to ‘go girly’ I don’t enjoy being alone, and I kind of want a boyfriend. my favourite quote from Easy A is ‘my complete lack of allure already shot that horse in the face’ Because it fits with me sooo welll. 
This means no leaving the house without brushing my hair. 
Washing my clothes regularly.
Make up. 
Actually wearing my glasses, which fits with health too haha.
and no wearing the same clothes two days in a row. 

I don’t really have any points on how I can do better at this, but I wanted to mention that I’m in it. I really want to get the script printed because I can’t make notes on my tablet. BTW… I’m in a musical… it’s called RENT. That’s kind of exciting. 

As writing is something that I both love to do; and have been told to do by my ‘shrink’ I need to more of it. 
I’m not sure about setting regular goals for it. But I’m going to aim for…
1 poem a week that I am genuinely pleased about. 
at LEAST 1 blog post a week. Highlighting these things 

Rent, My diet, Uni, and i’m going to take a picture of something every day and them put them into one image at the end of each week. 


FOOOOR STRUUUUUCTUUUUUURRRE (play on the words ‘fooor sparrrtaaa’)
ok. GO.


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