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July 27, 2013 / AnnieBellsCan


I’m feeling a lot more energetic since I weighed myself this morning. 
Last night I had a killer migraine and it made me throw up and feel awful and yuch so I was feeling really down about not being able to eat icecream or anything haha. 
But then I weighed myself this morning and I’m down a whole KG!! (plus a little more, because I was wearing clothes and a big ol’ nasty jumper) 

Also feeling good because I found out that I can eat onion during the attack phase. I’m actually excited for dinner, I’m going to try and make some sort of taco tonight… but no vegies which will be interesting… so I’ll have onion and mince and hopefully I’m aloud to eat the taco seasoning because I LOVE TACO SEASONING!!! 

My pop made me an omelette which was amazzzzing. (WHO KNEW HE COULD COOK AMI RIGHT?)
And I feel a lot less sick today, probably because of no headache.  

I changed the artificial sweetener… I tried the one my pop had and then later I had a killer headache so I think that might be it… 
I tried a different one and it taste completely different and actually taste like real sugar, not fake over sweet stuff they put in low fat icecream.

Today is good. I’m feeling happy about this. Even though I had really strange dreams all night (well the three hours I slept) about eating things and failing at everything and yah. 
I have no idea about what to do about eating at university and stuff. But I’ll cross that road tomorrow. 
ANNNND I’m having a fair amount of trouble drinking all the water. Because the sugar free cordial taste like… hmmm… poo. 


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