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July 28, 2013 / AnnieBellsCan

DAY 3! (i think,.. i’m already loosing track of the days….. not good.

I’m finding it hard today, because frankly… “aunt mable” is visiting and I always eat chocolate and icecream with her but these days I can’t… so ‘aunt mable’ is grumpy as fuck and causing mayhem… 

Today I woke up at nearly 3 (oh my) so I didn’t have breakfast. I went shopping and bought some stuff and when I got home I made the most amazing soup! that’s all diet friendly. 
(I’ll do a recipe in a different post) 
I’m having trouble with my daily water allowance too… so soup is good for that. 

Um… other than diet related I’ve been getting into once upon a time (please shoot me) which is soo badd… but so good 😮 

Now I’m trying to get into ELEMENTARY. 
but I just can’t concentrate. 

Not looking forward to uni tomorrow as I’ll be pretty limited to what I can eat/drink…
I’ll take my water bottle… and drink like a fiend! 
And I can have skim milk so I can fill up on late’s at the cafe. 

So yeah, that’s day three. 
I’m not sure how much I’ve lost but tomorrow it should be better… I’m determined to drink my amount of water today no matter what!!!!!


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