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July 28, 2013 / AnnieBellsCan


So today I was thinking of ways to fix my water intake problems and I thought, why not make some soup!!!

So it’s an asian style spicy soup.. but you can’t have noodles or anything (unless you can find the stupid shhh,, something.. noodles)


– salt reduced chicken stock (I think next time I’ll try beef)
– some chicken breast
-prawns, already cooked (and I buy peeled because I hate peeling them)
– some onion
-eggs (i put two but it depends how much soup you’re making
-chilli paste.
– some shallots (spring onion)
– ok with the shallots and onion i’m fairly sure you can have them during attack phase… I’ve read you can… but because they’re vegies I felt pretty guilty putting them in)
– some ham steaks (if you feel like it, I just did it to add more ‘stuff’ in the soup’
– soy sauce
– ummm anything else you can think of putting in.


-put the stock into a pot (with some chilli if you want) and put it on the stove (with a lid, not all the way on though, you want some air to escape)… put it on low because you want to heat it but you don’t want it to boil away.
– cut up shallots (not many people use the roots but I did and they taste amazing)put as much as you want into the stock…. do this early so that the flavours go into the stock

– in the a pan put cut up onion… (i used some of my stock intead of oil)
-when the onion is kind of cooking put in your chopped up chicken
-when that’s pretty much done but not dry put it in the stock. let it cook the rest of the way.
When you’re nearly done put some soy sauce and garlic and ginger and whatever you want.
– put it to nearly boiling… put eggs into a bowl and break the yolks and give it a bit of a stir but don’t beat them.
– stir the soup with one hand and slowly poor in the eggs. stir a little bit… let boil a bit longer.
– taste it and add more chilli or anything if you want.



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