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August 1, 2013 / AnnieBellsCan

I had KFC today.

Shoot me because it’s horrible. 

I don’t feel guilty. I just feel sick. 

I had the worst day today. I got my wallet stolen… $$270 dollars worth of stuff. 

I stupidly decided to make a bag recently (it looked really good) but I must have stuffed up the zip because it burst (unknowingly)and my wallet was in that zip. someone must have just grabbed it while I was walking along in the shopping center without me noticing. 
They called me over the PA so I went into coles and they said a lady handed it in because she saw a man leave it on a table in the food court… but it didn’t look like it belonged to him (it’s a girly wallet) so she took it to the nearest big store. my library card was left in it so they had my name. But that’s basically it. The police said they couldn’t do much, except walk around the center and try and scare the people off from stealing any more wallets. No camera in that area. They took $200 (that I got out because I was heading home and was giving it to nan) my miki that had $50+ on it. (i’d just bought it 20 minutes earlier so it wasn’t registered. 
I didn’t want to be pulling my wallet out with $200 in it if I wanted to buy stuff so I had my bank card in a different pocket.


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