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June 14, 2014 / AnnieBellsCan

Next week. Expectations.

So the next week is pretty busy so far. 

Sunday – 
tomorrow I have an all day rehearsal for a show that we’re in. We have to be there at 11 and then I think we’ll be running through until about 6. We need it. We open on Friday, but I’ll get to that. We’ll also be rehearsing in the actual venue for the first time. 

Monday – 
My birthday! 
I’m not sure what’s happening during the day. I think most likely I’m going to see my mother and grandmother and try to get a working phone again, so that when I move out I have internet and the ability to call G (g is for girlfriend) 
Monday night we have a full technical rehearsal which is lighting and sound and probably dress because we need it. 

Another rehearsal. Full dress rehearsal I believe. 

Wednesday –
Another full dress rehearsal.
Oh and packing to move. 

Thursday – 
REST DAY. no rehearsals. 
dinner at G’s parents house for my birthday. 
Possibly moving some of my shit and stuff. 

Friday – 

Work until about 4.
Rest until 6.
Then we have a Show 

Sunday – Matinee 

Week hath ended. AND MOVING HOUSE. 


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