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June 26, 2014 / AnnieBellsCan

This is my explanation of what anxiety is like from a few years ago, still relevant.


it’s like your walking in a tunnel. it’s dark and cold.

It’s like you can see the light, but it’s so far away,
and you can’t focus on it.

it’s like your sitting in a tiny room

It’s like the air is thick and heavy.

It’s like your screaming but there is no noise.

It’s like your tiny, and everything is big.

It’s like everything is always wrong.

It’s like theres a butterfly where your heart is.

It’s like something is wrong, but your blind to seeing it.

It’s like you left the oven on, but your in another country.

It’s like no matter how many times you check, the oven could still be on.

it’s like everyone hates you, even if they say they don’t.

It’s like no one can see you, and your wounded on the floor.

It’s like you always do everything wrong, all the time.

It’s like I can’t even explain it.

You re-read texts 10 times, incase it’s not good enough.

It’s being too scared to ask a question.

It’s you can’t breathe.
no wait you can’t breathe.
your going to die because you can’t breathe. 
it’s embarrassing because you can’t breathe.

It’s horrifying quesitons.
it’s ‘why don’t you live with your mother?’

it’s flashbacks.

it’s nightmares

it’s like every second thought
and every thought in between.

it’s like everything is so much harder than it is.
It’s lazyness,
it’s not being motivated,
it’s not being able to sleep,
it’s sleeping too much,
it’s being lonely,
it’s crying,
it’s not being able to cry. 
It’s like wanting people to know,
it’s not wanting anyone tyo ever know.

It’s your whole life.

it’s my whole life.


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